Emma in fabric


Its sinuous shapes make it classic and current. The shell covered with materials of different densities ensures maximum comfort. Characteristic of Emma model is that the seats are fixing to the base with a hinge that prevents the components from sliding and moving. The sofa, therefore, will always remain in perfect order.

The elegant headrest provided gives the opportunity to adjust head and neck inclination for more comfort. Emma defines itself as a sofa with multiple expressions thanks to the possibility to choose between size 75cm and 85cm for seat.

Like for all Divani Leone collection, it is possible to choose from different types of fabric, with anti-stain technology such as Aquaclean and Fibreguard.



el. 30

el. 35

SX el. 33

SX el. 38

DX el. 32

DX el. 37

SX el. 63

SX el. 67

DX el. 62

DX el. 66


el. 29 s/bracc.

el. 39 s/bracc.

el. 09 s/bracc.

el. 10 s/bracc.


el. posto in più 75

el. posto in più 85