The choice of feet is an integral part of the design of all the models in the Divani Leone sofa collection. Functionality, solidity and elegance are requirements to complete our living room concept. It is essential to be able to quickly carry out daily cleaning like to pass vacuum cleaners and brooms under the sofa, that's why the selected supports measure at least 15 cm in height, the only exception for the Eros armchair whose foot measures 11 cm.

The feet are firm, handcrafted in heavy metal or warm and cosy wood with the option to customize finishes, painting them or leaving them raw. They are all designed to support the perfection of volumes between the structure and seat.



PM 02 Saffo nichel
PMC 02 Onda cromato

PMN 03 Flash nichel
PMC 03 Flash cromato

PLW 01 nic legno chiaro
PLN 01 nic legno wengè

PM 02 Giza cromato
PE 01 Cip legno