Isabella in fabric


The elements that form the fabric version of Isabella measure 75, 85 or 90cm wide and can be combined with infinite solutions optimizing the spaces of the rooms and the functionality of the sofa itself.

The adjustable backs allow increasing its uses. With a simple gesture, you can switch from a comfortable seat to a deeper space for stretching your legs.

We satisfy the customer's preferences by offering a wide range of fabrics divided by material, colours and patterns. Plus, anti-stain technology with the Aquaclean and Fibreguard patent guarantee water-repellent treatment and allow removing any stain with just water and a soft cloth.



el. 25

el. 30

el. 35

DX el. 27

DX el. 32

DX el. 37

SX el. 28

SX el. 33

SX el. 38


SX el. 53

SX el. 63

SX el. 67

DX el. 52

DX el. 62

DX el. 66


el. 08 s/bracc.

el. 09 s/bracc.

el. 10 s/bracc.


el. 19 s/bracc.

el. 29 s/bracc.

el. 39 s/bracc.


el. posto in più 75

el. posto in più 85

el. posto in più 90