Sappho in fabric


Vintage-inspired, Saffo was born in 2019 in Divani Leone company, translating the classic upholstery design into a modern one with essential line. It is an elegant sofa that can be placed seamlessly in any living environment: from classic to contemporary, from rustic to design.

The backrest’s seams coordinate with the supple and the soft motion of armrest. Motions re-propose in the slim, linear and stylish feet mounted at the base (side views make them appear like sticks). The feet are 17cm height, a measure that combines elegance, practicality and enriches the model facilitating cleaning.

In contrasting or matching colour, a cord finish Saffo's border, which underline and enhance its shape. Different density and quality padding have been used for backrest and seat comfort.

Saffo is available in the two-seater small, two-seater large and three-seater versions including the armchair as well. The small rectangular cushion supply with it completes Saffo design and act as a comfortable support for the lumbar area The wide range of upholstery fabrics also includes Aquaclean and Fibreguard anti-stains patent, which allows removing stains with the simple use of water.



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