The high-tech recipe against stains



What is meant by "Stain-resistant fabric"?




The revolutionary Stain- Free technology reliably protects fabrics from stains and allows you to enjoy your sofa, your armchair etc. for a long time. Thanks to the special surface treatment, stains can be removed easily - it doesn't matter if it is coffee, red wine, ink or ketchup.

Whether the stain is large or smaller, with a little water, soap and a pinch of elbow grease, the FibreGuard fabric will regain its fresh look in no time. Like all FibreGuard collections, they have a wide variety of different patterns and textures. Additionally, the lovely fabrics are attentive to environmental protection: all FibreGuard items have the Oekotex certificate so that they can be used safely in any room.



  • 1. EASY TO CLEAN With FibreGuard, fabric care is effortless. Stains can be removed using only water. Stubborn stains may require a small amount of laundry soap.
  • 2. EXCELLENT QUALITY Fibreguards fabrics are continuously tested to guarantee high results. Due to the high standards, the fabrics have the Oekotex certificate and exceed, in terms of hygiene, durability and environmental protection, even the most resilient requests from independent institutes.
  • 3. DURABLE PROTECTION: The FibreGuard treatment is permanent and will not deteriorate over time, which means that FibreGuard fabrics fully retain their stain-resistant properties even after extended use or after frequent washing.
  • 4. USE WITHOUT PROBLEMS: FibreGuard fabrics are particularly suitable in housing situations where small children or animals are present. The high-tech treatment will allow you to remove stains even after many years easily.


Before cleaning, remove sticky stains or scabs like mud with a teaspoon. Apply a little water on the stain and dab using a white paper towel. This process allows you to get the best results with the most common stains.

For stubborn stains, it may be necessary, after moistening the fabric, to apply laundry soap. Then rub gently, using circular motions, using a microfibre cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed. When using soap, complete the cleaning process with water, to not leave any soap residue on the fabric. Allow the fabric to dry naturally. Do not use heat such as iron or hairdryer.



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